Local PD Grants

In the 2019/2020 round of local bargaining, the Negotiating Sub-committee (NSC) bargained a joint PD committee fund for all teacher members of Pembina Hills Local 22.

Please review AP40-24 before applying (application form is included here.) All certificated teachers who are active members in the ATA Local 22, including those on PHSD’s official list of substitutes, shall have access to $300 plus the cost of a sub for one day, for the purpose of professional development activities.

 There will be two submission deadlines per year. Teachers must submit an application for these funds on or before these dates: 

i. September 30th 

ii. January 31st 


 The Teacher Directed Professional Development Committee (TDPDC) shall review all submissions within seven days of the submission deadlines listed above. Teachers may make submissions for events up to one year in advance of the above dates. The events may be a series with multiple participation dates. 


 The TDPDC shall consider the submissions by this criteria:

 i. The requested PD aligns to the teacher’s current assignment;

 ii. The teacher’s Principal supports the request;

 iii. The cost of one sub day must be used in conjunction with a portion or all of the $300 per teacher allotment. (Teachers cannot choose to use the cost of sub for one event, and some or all of the $300 for another); 

iv. Funds may be used to cover expenses such as registration, travel, substitute costs, accommodation, meals, and parking;

 v. Expenses incurred by the teacher shall be submitted to the PD Committee Chair and PD Committee Treasurer for reimbursement. Expenses shall only be reimbursed after the event has occurred. 

vi. Teachers may apply once, before either of the stated deadlines, every second school year; 

vii. Funds will not be distributed to cover the cost of tuition for graduate or postgraduate studies; 

viii. Funds will not be distributed for technology (hardware or software) purchases.


Funds will be co-managed by the local ATA 22 PD Committee Chair and PD Committee Treasurer.

 i. A transfer of funds from PHSD to an account created and managed by the above, shall occur annually on or before September 30th. 

ii. The PD Chair and Treasurer will report on the account to the: • TDPDC • ATA Local 22 

iii. Any unused funds from the PD Pool will carry over into the next school year. 


The TDPDC may decide to adjust allotments annually. The PD Pool is not to be used in conjunction with instructional funds allocated to schools. The PD Pool is not to be used for compulsory training.