Claim Forms and Procedures

Reimbursement Claim Submission Procedures


1. All claims with receipts must be submitted with a claim form.

2. Hotel receipts must show the name of the claimant, the name of the hotel, the date of stay, and a zero balance.

3. Meal/food claims must show the date of purchase, the business name, and the total spent. 

4. Tips for meal/food claims must be shown on the printed receipt slips, not hand written in after the fact. Tips on purchases for pick-up must not exceed $5. If paying with cash, have the server sign that the tip was received. (Include the printed name of the server and his/her signature on the back of the receipt.)  

5. Mileage claims will be based on the PHRD chart unless a Mapquest or Google Map printout accompanies the claim.


ARA Claim Form

Beginning Teacher Conference Claim Form

General Conference Claim Form

General Product or Service Purchases Claim Form

Meal Claim Form

PD Grant Claim Forms

Personal PD Claim Form

Summer Conference Claim Form

Travel Claim Form


1. Expenses for the AGM and BUGMs are not eligible for reimbursement.    

2. All claims in a given year must be received by the treasurer by the first week of July.  

3. Discrepancies in claims may be referred to the Table Officers of the local for review.

4. Illegible claims or faded receipts may be returned to the claimant for rectification. 

Please Remember! 

Complete the entire form with signature and date. Incomplete or unsigned claims will be returned to the claimant.

Submission Procedure


1. Scan the completed claim form to pdf.

2. Tape receipts to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper and scan page(s) to pdf.

3. Forward the scanned pdf files, including the claim form and receipt pages, to your local treasurer: