Professional Development in Pembina Hills Local 22

Our local supports the objectives of the Alberta Teachers's Association. With regards to professional development, as set out in theTeaching Profession Act, the objectives of The Alberta Teachers' Association are as follows:

2. to improve the teaching profession

d. by organizing and supporting groups that tend to improve the knowledge and skill of teachers,

         e. by meetings, publications, research and other activities designed to maintain and improve the competence                           of teachers

Pembina Hills Local 22 supports these efforts by having a local Professional Development Committee and 2 representatives on the North Central Teachers' Conference Association. As well, we always encourage our members to join a specialist council for FREE.

For more information about each of these endeavours, read below.

Professional Development Committee

The PD Committee serves members by seeking input and feedback from teachers with regards to professional development needs and how these needs can best be met. The Committee consists of a representative from each school and has a strong working relationship with PHPS Education Services to deliver professional development opportunities within the District.  We also disseminate information about professional development activities from the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and the Alberta Teachers' Association.  The Committee sponsors grants to attend ATA Specialist Council conferences and out of province conferences each year to support the personal professional growth of our members.

The Professional Development Committee shall consist of the following voting members: 

  1. One representative from each school with Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7 school division.Those schools with fewer than five staff members will jointly share a representative for professional development committee purposes.
  2. One representative from PHRD Regional Office.
  3. One representative from the local teachers association.
  4. One representative from the local teachers’ convention association.
  5. One representative from the local administrators’ association.

North Central Teachers' Convention Association


Teachers’ conventions support professionalism and enhance student learning by addressing teachers’ professional needs, supporting professional collaboration, advancing effective teaching practices and motivating reflective practice by exploring research and emerging educational issues. Our two Convention Representatives act as a communication liaison between the Local Council and the NCTCA board. The reps report to the Local Council every month about Convention planning and events.

"The North Central Teachers Convention Association (NCTCA) is responsible for the planning and organization of the annual teachers' convention for the North Central districts. The NCTCA offers collegiality, connections and interdisciplinary synergy. The professional development is planned and facilitated by member teachers for member teachers. Our professional autonomy is honoured and the skills of member teachers bring innovation and inspiration to NCTCA. The two day convention is an essential component of our professional responsibility to lifelong learning." taken from on February 15, 2019.

Specialist Councils

As a benefit of ATA membership, active members of the ATA are entitled to join one specialist council of their choice at no charge. To find out more to join a specialist council visit the links below.

Specialist Council Memberships

About Specialist Councils

Council Directory

Specialist Councils SCHED Events


Pembina Hills Teacher Directed Professional Development Fund

In the 2019/2020 round of local bargaining, the Negotiating Sub-committee (NSC) bargained a joint PD committee fund for all teacher members of Pembina Hills Local 22.

Please review AP40-24 before applying (application form is included here.) All certificated teachers who are active members in the ATA Local 22, including those on PHSD’s official list of substitutes, shall have access to $350 plus the cost of a sub for one day, for the purpose of professional development activities.

There will be two submission deadlines per year. Teachers must submit an application for these funds on or before these dates: 

i. September 30th 

ii. January 31st 

iii. April 30th