Local 22 Executive Committee Information

Pembina Hills Local No 22

Local Contacts

Mrs Michelle L Savoie
Phone (bus): 780-348-5341 
Heather Ross
Phone (bus): 780-349-4454 
Fax: 780-349-5948
Mrs Karen B Campbell
Phone (bus): 18667745333 ext 6162 
Fax: 780-674-6977
Communications Officer
Mrs Arlene C Bujold
Phone (bus): 780-674-8518 
Local Political Engagement Officer
Mr Dan Bisoo
Phone (bus): 1-866-774-5333 x5194 
Local Political Engagement Officer
Ms Heather A Senger
Phone (bus): 1-866-774-5333 x5188 
District Representative
Mr Robert J Twerdoclib
Phone (bus): 780-963-7431 
Fax: 780-963-5212


Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Your local president sits as ex-officio on all committees.


Professional Development (PD) Committee

The PD Committee serves members by seeking input and feedback from teachers with regards to professional development needs and how these needs can best be met. The Committee consists of a representative from each school and has a strong working relationship with PHPS Education Services to deliver professional development opportunities within the District.  We also disseminate information about professional development activities from the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and the Alberta Teachers' Association.  The Committee sponsors grants to attend ATA Specialist Council conferences and out of province conferences each year to support the personal professional growth of our members.

The Professional Development Committee includes: 

Chair: Raime Drake

Members:  Angela Viola, Amber McGinn, Coreen Harrison / Shelley Weaver, Tanya Kaliel, Tammy Tkachuk, Mallory McNelly, Lorna Hiemstra, Lorna Strydhorst, Ivy Suranyi, Nina Lantz, Sheila Gardner, Phoebe Arcilla / Janet Remus, Susan Deshoux, Michelle Savoie, Joanne Wallace, Lisa Gehring, Colleen Teske and Kendra Seatter.


Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC)

Your TWC serves you by overseeing negotiations and enforcing your collective agreement. Through your help and consultation, we identify teacher needs and create bargaining proposals to effect changes to the collective agreement as negotiated and ratified by Pembina Hills teachers. We communicate matters pertaining to the progress of negotiations and the specific details of the collective agreement. If you have questions about collective bargaining, negotiations or collective agreements, or believe you may have a grievance, we are your “go-to people!”

The Teacher Welfare Committee includes: 

Chair: Dale Erickson

Members: Lisa Albrecht, Chrissie Epp, Lauren Chapman, Dale Bujold, Karen Campbell, Gary Fredrickson, Pauline Payne and Murray Jarman.


Local Political Engagement Officer (LPEO)

The role of the LPEO is to communicate political issues concerning our members. These issues may be related to internally (within the union), locally, provincially, and federally. In addition, the LPEO encourages colleagues to participate in politics.   Members are encouraged to have an open dialogue with their MLA's. This will help to advance the interests of the profession and inform the government about the work of the Association. The LPEO will be attending Political Engagement Strategy meetings, which will provide the tools to facilitate engagement. 

Our LPEOs are: 

Heather Senger and Dan Bisoo


Convention Representatives

The two Convention Representatives act as a communication liaison between the Local Council and the NCTCA (North Central Teachers Convention Association) Board.  The reps report to the Local Council every month about Convention planning and events.  One representative also sits on the program planning sub-committee which meets twice in the spring, after two of the Board meetings and once over the summer.  This rep must also screen hundreds of proposal submissions to choose the presenters. Before Convention, the reps distribute flyers or other information, remind members of our professional obligation to attend, promote pre-registered sessions and support teachers with registration on Sched. At Convention, reps are required to perform duties such as chairing sessions, working at the information desk and working in a host room to secure the personal belonging of presenters and other volunteers.

Our NCTCA Representatives are:

Joanne Wallace and Isabel Rempel.


Diversity, Equity and Human Rights (DEHR) Committee

Our local services a diverse population of staff and students who may include First Nations / Metis / Inuit, English Language Learners, LBGTQ, and immigrants. Our work focuses on recognizing and embracing our multiculturalism as well as supporting inclusion for all. Some areas of focus include enhancing teacher awareness, capacity and practice related to the complexity of diversity in the classroom in a manner that respects the dignity and rights of all persons without prejudice as to race, religious beliefs, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical characteristics, disability, marital status, family status, age, ancestry or place of origin, place of residence, socioeconomic background, or linguistic background.

The DEHR Committee includes: 

Chair: Heather Miller

Members: Karen Campbell, Christy Filgate, and Phoebe Arcilla.


Social Committee

The purpose of the Local 22 Social Committee is to organize and provide leadership in social activities of the Local.  In that, we run an annual Induction & Retirement Social in October every year: welcoming new teachers to the profession and wishing our retirees well;  we run a Social in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting, as well;  we provide donations on behalf of the Local to a charity of the family's choice for deceased members, and; organize other events, as the need arises. 

The Social Committee includes:

Chair: Rebecca Carr

Members: Christie Borle, Christy Filgate and Lori Sagbo.